After a long flight it was time to hit the bar for the open mic night and some serious mau-mau (yes, you read correctly) and poker action with a couple of German work and travelers. They had some pretty decent musicians, so no time to feel tired. Plus, I was winning – at least the poker.

The next day started with my wallet going “missing” in the subway. A huge thanks to my couchsurfing friend and guardian angel Angie for all her patience and assistance! Nice coffee, great conversation. That’s the kind of people, who make couchsurfing so awesome!

Having two credit cards (and being clever enough to keep them in separate places) turned out quite helpful.

After canceling my other credit and debit card, I headed downtown and found an interesting place selling vegan protein and other vegan supplements. I had a good talk with the employee and got myself some samples. I need to figure out, if they ship to Europe at a reasonable rate. Otherwise it might be a promising business idea to import that stuff…

Next stop was the famous Hockey Hall of Fame, which on that day was closed to visitors due to the 2014 induction ceremony. At least it’s an understandable reason. Apparently, not everyone was too happy with their inductee picks though.

I continued up to the CN tower for some views of the Toronto city lights. Probably even more interesting was watching other tourists taking pictures on the glass floor, some of them genuinely scared to walk over something stated to hold the equivalent of “14 large hippos”.

The highlight of the day was the Bob Dylan concert at the Sony Theatre. For some reason it was quite different and a lot better than most of the 10 (!) concerts, I’ve seen in Europe. The audience also seemed to be generally younger than on the other side of the Atlantic. The sound was clear and solid from the very beginning and it was a great concert all the way through, occasional goosebump moments included.

I finally had a couple of drinks at The Only Bar (great beer selection) before saying good bye to my new Canadian friends and calling it a(nother short) night.