Toronto pt. 2

I changed my route to go around Lake Erie via Detroit first (instead of Cleveland), but first headed back to Toronto for some unfinished business. I checked out the Hockey Hall Of Fame, which despite me being not much of a hockey fan, turned out to be pretty cool. Especially, the shooting and goalkeeping challenges were a lot of fun and definitely brought out my competitive side.

I spent another fine night at The Other Café and once again found proof, that Germans are indeed everywhere. We talked English though, which probably is a more common ground between Austrians and Germans anyway. I met two very interesting people and left with quite a lot of inspiration to think about.

Also on my third and final visit to the TTC Lost and Found I finally got lucky. Wallet, cards, $160 cash, everything there. Canada is great! Just luck or karma for giving a new friend my ($39.25 non-refundable) metro pass, which I accidentally bought for the wrong week. Give something and you will eventually get something back.

Next stop: Windsor/Detroit. Let’s see how that border crossing goes.