I took the train to Windsor from Detroit to avoid the Greyhound bus. The fun part however is getting a cab in Windsor to bring you through the Detroit Windsor tunnel and across the Canadian-US border. Since there is no ESTA for land crossings, you need to fill out the I94W right at the spot, which means you get pulled over, inspected, questioned, put into the waiting line and pay the $6 fee. Of course the taxi meter was running along happily as well. I knew that before though and it still turned out cheaper than flying.

Detroit is a cool city, although completely different than Toronto and anything else I have seen in Canada so far.

Due to time constraints I had just one thing to do and that was going to the amazing Fox Theatre, which sure was worth all the hassle before. The theatre is an incredible interesting and beautiful concert hall and the perfect spot for the Brian Setzer Christmas Rocks Extravaganza. I got a relatively cheap single ticket in one of the front rows and enjoyed a great, almost three hour long show.

I stayed at the Hostel Detroit, which took me three different cab drivers (and an iPhone) to find. Go out at night alone? Better not. After some good night talk with a fellow traveller, I caught some six hours of sleep, which at least was more than the night before. Anyway, I can get some rest once I’m in New York – maybe.

It’s a shame, I don’t have more time in Detroit, but there’s an important stop up next.