It rained during the night in Detroit and frozen rain made the streets and paths slippery like an ice skate parkour. The hostel staff said there is not enough money to salt them. I still managed to get to the gas station and decided to buy breakfast there and don’t slip and slide any further downtown. I crossed my fingers, that the Greyhound busses were running under such conditions. Luckily, I was soon on the road and off to Cleveland.

There is one thing to do, if you consider yourself a basketball fan and that is watch an NBA game live in the arena. I’ve been playing, coaching, refereeing, watching, scouting, score keeping and enjoying this sport for the last 25+ years in places all the way from Sydney to Pyongyang and probably over a hundred gyms around Austria. This last point on my bucket list however was still missing – until now.

If you do something for the first time, it has to be with style. While desperately trying to sell my ticket for the game I missed earlier due to the snow storm, I learned about how to sell AND BUY last minute tickets. Maybe I was lucky, but a $55 (plus fees) VIP ticket sounds like a pretty good deal, all drinks and all you can eat included.

The Cleveland Cavaliers played the Toronto Raptors and the game was a pretty good show. Cleveland had the better start (8:26 just four minutes in the game), but once the Raptors got going they destroyed Lebron’s team. They got the lead at the half time buzzer (56:54) and leaded by Louis Ross’ 36 points (in just 30 minutes) went on to win (110:93). Since I’m no Cavs fan and quite like Toronto and especially their fans, I can live with that. The home crowd did not take it easy though, most of the 20.000 fans left early in the fourth quarter. For me this game was once again proof, that Lebron will probably never be a true champion. If you want to be the best player in the league, at some point you have to take over games like this.

After a good night’s sleep I checked out the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame at Cleveland Lakeside. It has some interesting pieces throughout Rock history (and beyond) and is definitely worth a visit. A quick jam on the “Play me, I’m yours” piano and then I was off to the airport just in time.

Next stop: New York City