My first day in New York City was mainly about settling down. After some morning clouds it turned quite sunny and unbelievably warm for late November (21 degrees Celsius). I took advantage of the clear sky to get a glimpse of the city’s skyline from the iconic Empire State Building.

It turns out experiencing the ESB is all about getting in line. Get in line for security screening, in the next line to buy the ticket, get in another one for the elevator, yet another one for elevator number two and well, if you want to get all the way to the 102nd floor, there is one more. That’s it, except the same procedure repeats on the way down. Of course, paying for the Express Ticket lets you skip all the lines. Money talks. The view was nice though and sometimes a classical tourist spot can’t be avoided.

Day one in New York was also the first day of my personal one week vegan challenge. We will see how that goes, but there are probably few places with a greater variety of vegan restaurants and bars.

After a week without exercise, I had time for a short swim at my guesthouse, the YMCA in Harlem. Something tells me, I might take advantage of their sport programs quite a bit during my stay. Let’s see, if they let me join the basketball.