Super Top Dog

The weather changed again. Some snow, some rain and definitely a whole lot colder. So after joining the morning yoga class, I had two options: check out one of the museums or go shopping. It was no easy decision It was actually quite easy. I needed new basketball shoes.

It’s funny walking through the rainy streets of NYC on a cloudy day. Once in a while you think the sun is coming out, before realising it’s just one of the huge illuminated advertising walls changing its color. It takes some time to get used to that.

You successfully made your first step in the transformation from a tourist to a traveller, when people start asking you for the way and you can actually help them or when the cashier in a store wants to offer you their membership bonus card not realising, that you probably won’t come back any time soon. Since there are lots of people of immigration background in New York, it’s actually not too difficult to blend in (at least in most parts of the city).

I visited the Apollo Theatre for the 2014 final of the famous Amateur Night (Super Top Dog) and it was an amazing show. They had just about everything from an eleven year old girl singing opera all the way to the winner of the grand $10.000 price, a talented beatboxer called Sung Lee. Add a grooving band and a great host and you get a show, which is definitely worth a visit.