Saying goodbye

My last day in New York had finally arrived and it was time to check the last items on my bucket list. I had a good time at the famous Rucker Park basketball court. Strangely, it was one of the few moments of relative peace and silence during a week in this vibrant and exciting city. For a few minutes I had this place for myself. That was before a couple from Boston took maybe 30 takes to film a successful three point shot. It was quite fun to watch.

At night I watched one of five concerts, Bob Dylan is playing in the Beacon Theatre on Broadway this year. It was another classic venue for another great show. There’s something about these smaller American theaters, which makes them a perfect fit for the current sound of Dylan’s concerts. A fan was sitting next to me taking notes on the songs he played and which instruments he used. He seemed to be one of the Dylan connoisseurs, who know, discuss and analyze his concerts like other people enjoy wine. He had not much time for clapping though. On my other hand two women were sharing pictures and videos from the concert on their smartphones. I was sitting between two worlds. Security was quite loose on the otherwise strict “no photo” policy, so everyone got some good shots.

The last challenge in New York was fitting everything back into my suitcase and backpack. They were well filled when I arrived and now they needed to hold two more pair of shoes and quite a few new clothes. It’s amazing though how easy it was to be on a two week trip with a suitcase and backpack so small, they would probably both be allowed as hand luggage. Was I missing something? No, I still packed too much.