I was a bit disappointed not seeing the Spurs game in Cleveland, so I came up with a new idea. Some planning, some more money, a 5am alarm and a bumpy four hour bus ride later, I arrived in Boston. Beautiful weather, beautiful city. Boston is a lot smaller and seemed much more relaxed and laid back than New York City, a perfect setting for my final destination. I stored my luggage, had some “interesting” vegan Chinese duck for lunch and headed to the famous Boston Garden. It seems like a new trend to sell the name of traditional arenas to big companies, so sadly the Garden is now named after a bank. It’s still an amazing feeling visiting a place, which holds so much sports history.

My seat was quite good and I enjoyed the game a lot.

“So, what are you doing in Boston” I asked my roommate in the hostel before noticing the Spurs baseball cap on his head. It turned out, I’m not the only crazy person to come to Boston just to watch an NBA game featuring the San Antonio Spurs.

So I spent my last night in the US having some more Chinese food (Hot soup buffet) and a couple more beers and playing billiard with my new friend, a Manu Ginobili fan from Hong Kong.

A long travel day lies ahead tomorrow: Boston – New York – Vienna – Salzburg. I have mixed feelings about coming home. I’m looking forward to settle down a bit, but the next travel plans are already in the making…