My luggage arrived three days after me on Friday. “Do you have a connecting flight? Do you want us to check your luggage through?” I didn’t even know that was possible when traveling on different airlines. Anyways, my luggage was (like myself) scheduled to go BOS-JFK-VIE-SZG. I didn’t want to miss my flight from JFK under any circumstances, so I planned an almost four hour stay at the airport just in case. My flight from Boston was about three hours delayed, so that worked out just fine. The good thing was, I didn’t need to wait for my bag, but just had to hurry from one terminal of the US sixth biggest airport to another, check in and head through security to arrive in time for boarding. My bag obviously didn’t make that trip, but it was delivered a few days later including a note from the TSA, explaining that (and why) they searched it. I’m fine with that, because a.) I have nothing to hide in there and b.) they packed it a lot nicer than I had.