The coast of Barcelona

After what has been an intense week in many more than one way my four day trip to Barcelona has suddenly transformed from a spontaneous getaway to a somewhat needed vacation.

I arrived late Friday night and spent Saturday resting and slowly exploring the inner city around the Cathedral and the famous food market La Boqueria. In the afternoon I headed towards Camp Nou to watch FC Barcelona face Malaga.

It wasn’t a good game, but the atmosphere and the Catalonian fans were still very special. A bad mistake gave Malaga an early lead and Barcelona’s typical “we want to carry the ball all the way into the goal” style of play gave them 73% possession but didn’t reward them with a goal. 4 time world player of the year Lionel Messi and his teammates ended the afternoon with a 0-1 loss. I finished my night with dinner at the Happy Rock Café in the Arenas de Barcelona, a former bullring converted into a huge shopping mall and entertainment center.

The next morning I headed towards Park Güell, a nice place already well filled with tourists. After a short walk I quickly decided to escape to the beach. A barefoot walk, a wonderful lunch (check out CLDC) and a couple of beers later I decided that I’ll spend the rest of this Sunday afternoon like a lot of the locals: hanging out on the beach, watching the surfers and simply enjoying the great weather. Back home it’s 2 degrees and raining, I guess Barcelona was a good place to go.