Salzburg running pt. 1

I started running regularly in 2001 and always loved my hometown for its wonderful nature and the great variety of running tracks, which come with it. Wherever I lived, it took just a few meters to get to one of those places and I’d like to share seven of them here. There’s no way to pick my all time favorites, they’re just too many. Instead here are the ones I spent (by far) the most time, kilometers, thoughts, dreams and joyful memories on over the years.

Part one: Along the Glan river

The obvious choice for my first running adventures lay right in front of our family home. The smell of hops was in the air while passing the Stiegl brewery on the way to the Glan.

This small river, which has since been partly re-naturalized a couple of years ago, served as an ideal orientation point to play around with different track variations. It’s a place popular with runners, bikers and inline-skaters alike, but you’ll also meet people just going for a stroll or watching the planes land and depart on the very close runway of Salzburg’s airport.

Depending on how I felt (or what the training plan asked for) there were multiple options from short to the classic 10k and beyond. Probably my favourite variation was extending the run along the Glan until F├╝rstenbrunn and then come back home via Glanegg and Eichet along the Almkanal (about 20k).