Salzburg running pt. 2

Part two: Around the Grabensee

Our family used to (and still does) spend a lot of time at our grandparents’ place near Seeham. The area around the three Trumer lakes offers an amazing possibility for outdoor activity from biking and inline skating to all kind of water sports and of course running. The obvious track choice to start is running around one (or more) of the lakes, the smallest of which is the Grabensee. It’s a quick 8 kilometer track, which soon leads away from the traffic of the main road towards the shores of this moorland lake.

After circling the northernmost tip of it, a small road leads to a place called Gransdorf before a newly created bike and walking path takes us back to Fraham. Again, the options to extend this track in any direction are countless, but for a short jogging escape it’s always been perfect the way it is.