La noche Argentina

I did a spontaneous train trip to Innsbruck to meet two Argentinian friends and once more experienced the great joy of being part of the couchsurfing community. After a short (or actually not so short) walk through the city and up to the Bergisel, I was invited to a house party at arguably one of the coolest locations around. We were a fun group of 14 people and had delicious home made American and Argentinian food.

Add some traditional South American live music on a balcony with an almost kitschy postcard like view down on Innsbruck and you get the idea why this was a special night. Interesting talks, a jumpstart tutorial on preparing Argentinian mate and some new friendships round up another great and inspiring experience. It’s amazing what wonderful surprises life has to offer, if you face every day with no expectations but an open mind. It’s probably not big news, but it can’t be emphasised enough: our world is full of great people!