Eat and meet in Budapest

I’ve never quite figured out what logics are at place when it comes to TripAdvisor ratings. Are the top listings really the best places or does Tripadvisor just gets them more visitors, more revenue and thus makes them develop from a decent place into a top location? Also, does the attention a good rating brings, makes a restaurant change from a hidden local gem to a crowded touristy place. Like always it’s probably a mix of all of these factors – and some luck as well.

That said, once in a while a small place rises into the spotlight, that absolutely deserves it. Suzie is a young Hungarian woman, who learned about the concept of pop-up restaurants and simply decided to start one herself. She teamed up with her parents to found the Eat & Meet “restaurant” in Budapest, which developed into one of the hot spots on Tripadvisor (currently the #4 restaurant in the entire city, but I think it peaked even higher).

The idea is, that for a very reasonable amount of money (in this case € 30 for a three course meal), you are invited to their family’s home to have dinner with them. You can come as a group or just join the other people, who reserved a place for that specific dinner. Obviously, the experience will depend on what other guests you are sharing the evening with, but my feeling is, that this sort of pop-up restaurant almost always attracts interesting and cool people. Plus, the hospitality of Suzie and her parents almost guarantees you a good time.

After a welcome palinka drink, they serve traditional local dishes, where every course is perfectly combined with a different Hungarian wine. Everything is also wonderfully explained by Suzie, who has a broad knowledge about all aspects of (not just) Hungarian cuisine. Another bonus is their balcony, which offers an amazing view on the sunset behind the Danube.

It’s hard to say how this concept will develop over time. Right now, it’s still fresh and you can feel the enthusiasm and joy in everything they do. So hurry up and reserve your place, if you’re in Budapest!