Home is where the heart is

You don’t always need to travel. Sometimes the true adventures lie right in front of your doorstep. In fact, I’ve been on the road for most of the year, doing one trip after another and planning and thinking about many more. If you’re flexible and know how to use a web-browser you can find a ton of cheap travel deals. New York, Los Angeles and Hawaii return flights, all for under € 1000 – and yes, that’s the total for all three trips…
Most of the time this works out just fine; however, as a good friend put it: “I could not plan travelling this way. How should you know, what type of vacation you’ll need two months from now?!” Shockingly, this turned out very true.
Instead of a ten day adventure in the U.S. I enjoyed two weeks at home: no responsibilities, no plans, just spontaneity, meeting friends and family, checking the long term todos on my bucket list, enjoying every moment and basically getting my life back together.
What I got rewarded with were two weeks of beautiful autumn days, each one of them warmer, sunnier and even more beautiful than the one before. Even without that, this would have been one of the best decisions in a long time. Happiness is much less influenced from your surroundings, your environment and all the things happening around you than you think – it’s a state of mind coming from within.