City of angels

Day 1

When it comes to travel luggage there are limitations. This is particularly true, when you decide to bring nothing more than hand luggage for a two week trip – a fully packed trolley weighing in at just below 10 kg.. which only barely closes.. if neatly packed.. and heavily squeezed – but still. One choice, that already paid off on day one, was bringing my running shoes. 6:30am. Venice Beach, just before sunrise. The weather report said something about rain and thunderstorms, I got lots of sunshine and a few clouds to make the scenery dramatic and beautiful. Is there a better start, I don’t think so.

After getting up early there was plenty of the day left. I had a good breakfast before heading to Hollywood, checking into my hostel for the rest of the stay and then walking all the way from there up to the Griffith Observatory – a nice slowly transition from the busy Hollywood Blvd. to a nice hiking path.

I finished the day with meditation class at the Wanderlust, a quick dinner and lots of sleep.

Day 2

The day started with a challenging Yoga class before heading to a downtown walking tour.

At night it was time for the Kobe Bryant-show, the Lakers (8-29) playing OKC (25-11) at the Staples center. With Kobe (19 points, 4 rebounds,  6 assists) having some good moments and Lou Williams (44 points) going absolutely crazy in the fourth quarter, this turned out to be a fun and close game. No happy end for the Lakers, but still quite an experience.

Overall, it was a good stay and a wonderful start for my trip. I knew, that I didn’t do the city justice in the short visit during our California road trip some years ago and January turned out to be a surprisingly nice time to come again (although I admit I’ve probably been lucky with the weather): less crowded, but still warm enough to stroll around in T-shirts and enjoy a beautiful time under the South Californian sun.

Next up: El Paso.