Salzach cycling day 2 Pfarrwerfen → Sankt Radegund


Day 2: Pfarrwerfen → Sankt Radegund

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The next day sees us passing the Pass Lueg and experiencing the first pretty cool downhill parts of the tour. Again the landscape changes dramatically after exiting the last mountainous region of the track rolling down into Golling. We go for a refreshing swim in Kuchl, an ice-cream in Hallein and a small lunch back home in Salzburg. Then we continue through the forest along the Salzach shores to Oberndorf and further into Upper Austria past Trimelkamm, Ostermiething and Tittmoning. Every town would've been worth a visit to get a closer look, for example, into the past of Austria's relatively unknown coal mining history. We're looking forward to arriving at our second stop though, so we keep pushing through.

We spend the second night in a beautiful guesthouse in Sankt Radegund, a place that feels like the end of the world and a village lost in time. The short, but unexpectedly sharp climb pushes us to the limit once again. The sunset sky is beautiful, but already shows first signs of rain and thunderstorms. We achieve 97 km on the second day with another 100 ahead of us.