Salzach cycling day 3 Sankt Radegund → Passau


Day 3: Sankt Radegund → Passau

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The third day is the final push to Passau, the sky is grey, and we're sure that we'll run into rainy weather at some point. The forecast is rather bad for the entire weekend, and it seems like it's just a matter of time before all hell will break loose around us. We encounter some light drops of rain on our first day in Bischofshofen, a couple more in Sankt Radegund, but other than that it's been almost perfect weather.

The rain starts to fall when we arrive in Braunau. It's light and not a problem at all, but to us feels like the first signs of the inevitable storm. In another stroke of luck, it turns out completely different. An hour later, the sun comes back out, and it turns out to be the sunniest and most beautiful day of the whole trip. After a final rest in Schärding – the goal already close – the last kilometres are easy. We cross the border with Germany into Passau and end our trip right where the Inn and Danube rivers meet.

It feels like it would be the easiest thing in the world to add another 3-4 days and follow the Danube to Vienna. We decide to keep this for another time and head for some well-deserved beers (alcoholic ones this time) before heading home by train.